About The Tree

The Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Tree of Light is a 40-foot high fir tree taking pride of place outside Gloucester Guildhall in the heart of the city centre. The official switch-on ceremony will take place at 4.30pm on Saturday 23 November however, there will be music and entertainment from 2.00pm.

Special guests including Santa Claus will count down from ten before turning on over 10,000 lights at this annual event.

The Tree of Light gives people the opportunity to display a message for family and friends or commemorate a loved one at Christmas time. You can sponsor a message to a loved one that will be placed on the tree by donating. By making this donation you are also raising valuable funds for our local charities.

Our target this year is to raise £12,500 for local charities, so make a donation and help us help Gloucester causes.

Sponsor a Christmas Message

When you make a donation, you are dedicating one of the 10,000 lights on the Tree of Light to a friend or loved one.

The messages you leave will be placed on the website and will be hand-written onto a ribbon which will be placed on the Tree of Light in Gloucester.

Dedicate a light to a loved one by donating £5 or more to charity.

Every penny of every pound you donate goes to our three local Gloucestershire charities.